About the CatholicSG App

What is it?

CatholicSG App is the official Archdiocese app for Catholics in Singapore. It is the all-in-one mobile app that Inspires, Informs, and Reminds so that you can live your Catholic faith more actively. Install the CatholicSG App on your mobile to access:

  • Today’s scripture reflection from the Archbishop
  • Today’s Mass readings
  • Mass, Confession, Adoration and Devotions: Locations & Timings
  • The latest Catholic News and Official Notices
  • Liturgical Calendar and Archdiocese Event Calendar
  • Church Directory and Services
  • A Prayer Scheduler with information on how and what to pray
  • Videos, photos and social media feeds
  • …and so much more

Development Notes

The CatholicSG App is a collaborative effort by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore and by the kind people at CCS Group Pte Ltd who provided their time, talent and effort on a pro-bono basis. The Archdiocese is also thankful for the assistance provided by the members of Comms VITA who helped with writing, editing, and testing of the app and its contents.

N.B. Please note that another app exists (CATHOLICS SG app with an additional letter “S”) which is a separate initiative by a private entity.

Why develop an app?

The CatholicSG App was developed as an all-in-one app tool for the New Evangelisation. It is designed to help Catholics in Singapore to retrieve information and content which are related to our faith in a fast and convenient manner on a mobile device, rather than accessing various websites or apps.

What is its purpose?

Besides being functional in providing information, the app allows users to discover more about prayer and spirituality – leading them to a deeper relationship with God. It also complements the Archdiocese’s official website and social media platforms.

Why would anyone use this app?

For Formation and Information. Besides the delivery of important messages and its very handy directory and location maps, the app is a reminder for users to pray, and to read and reflect on scripture. It helps to facilitate personal prayer while users are on transit; and community prayers at work, school, church and home.